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My name is Sam Jichi and I’m a filmmaker living in Austin, Texas.  

The feature film project I’m working on is a SAG modified low budget.  It is written and to be directed by me, and to be produced by Rob Margolies.  Rob is a very well established producer and has a great deal of work; please check out his work at IMDB.  We have a good business plan based on reputable sales agents.  We also have a cast wish list and a name/bankable actor will commit once we have funding in place. 

The genre is a thriller.  The story is plot driven with a flare of supernatural and catastrophic event, and a character story.  It is commercial and artistic at the same time.  The script is based on the traditional structure used by Hollywood.  Our plan is to give major attention to details in all departments, also to have a driven leading actor and great performances overall.  The result is a product with quality picture and sound, which would have great presence and appeal to audiences. 

At this point we are seeking 400K.  Our production value is very significant as we will be working with industry professionals.  Also attaching a name star actor is an important factor, which we can secure for the leading role. 

This is a profitable and exciting business project- and whether you are involved in the film business or not; I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have and tell you more about the project.  I can also provide you with the business plan, budget descriptions, the full synopsis and the script.  Any help or suggestions you can give to help us take this project off the ground, would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.

Sam Jichi

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